• Ana Saroj

minds.ai Presents at Ray Summit 2021

We will give a talk during the 2021 Ray Summit conference. The summit covers topics around ML in product, MLOps, deep & reinforcement learning, cloud computing, server-less, and other uses of the Ray libraries.

Jeroen Bédorf & Ishaan Sood will present how our DeepSim platform uses Ray and the RLlib library to deliver enterprise scale reinforcement learning solutions. The talk includes an overview of which DeepSim features are added on top of the RLlib library and how these features are used via two different examples using two different simulators.

In the first the range of an Hybrid Electric Vehicle is optimized using the open-source FASTSim simulator. In the second example the state-of-the-art Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving

Simulator Powered by SCANeR™ software is used for developing an Adaptive Cruise Control system.

The presentation will be broadcasted on June 23.

For more information and free registration to the conference see the official website.