• Ana Saroj

DeepSim Introductory Videos

Minds.ai is proud to present the latest efforts of our creative department: Three new videos that introduce and highlight the capabilities of our exclusive DeepSim platform. These videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel and via the direct links below.

The following videos are currently available:

DeepSim Introduction:

In this high level overview we present how the DeepSim platform works by explaining the underlying methodology and demonstrating how it can outperform humans and handle highly complex and dynamic systems. To make it even more amazing, this video is narrated by our very own Alice Bezett !

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/zW7XPGryyg0

DeepSim Usage:

In this video, we focus on how DeepSim is used for an optimization project. In this particular video we demonstrate optimizing the range of an Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (HEV) of which we’ve written earlier in this post.

The video shows the following steps, that comprise a full DeepSim project:

  • Setting up the problem and simulator choice.

  • Designing the reward function.

  • Launching the training and tracking progress.

  • Data analysis and result visualization.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/ke3Lv14Wa7U

DeepSim Applications and Demos:

The final video in this series focuses on a variety of example applications that have been optimized with DeepSim. We present automotive demos where the range of HEV and PHEV vehicles are increased by a simple software update (also see this post and this post), and examples where DeepSim is used to develop an autonomous agent that avoids obstacles or acts as an adaptive cruise control system. For the green energy sector we present a wind turbine example where the turbine settings are automatically tuned to increase the amount of generated energy.

For all these examples the end-customer only has to update their application software to take advantage of the optimizations performed by the DeepSim platform.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YvBLJmMCwM0