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Augment semiconductor fab scheduling using optimized AI recommendations
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Semiconductor fab scheduling

Semiconductor manufacturing is facing an unprecedented global supply crisis. Quickly scaling up one of the most complex and expensive endeavors in the modern era to meet demand is critical. A typical wafer fabrication process contains hundreds of steps on thousands of high-tech machines, and it can take multiple months to complete. The precise orchestration of this staggeringly complex process is highly sensitive to small changes so innovation must never put productivity at risk.


Dynamic bottlenecks inevitably occur because of highly variable demands and the complexity of the processes and machinery. These bottlenecks have considerable negative impact on KPIs, such as on-time delivery, throughput, and cycle time, often leading to hundreds of millions of dollars of lost revenue.


Many fab operators currently use a complex set of dispatching rules and schedulers to adapt to varying fab conditions and mitigate large efficiency losses. Unfortunately, modification of these dispatching rules is time consuming, subject to human error, and highly dependent on a limited set of resources with expert knowledge of the fab. It is also time consuming to manually generate these near-optimal schedules even at the tool group level. Maestro: Fast, optimized, and adaptive fab scheduling

The Maestro solution allows fab operators to augment their current workflow to quickly and efficiently create optimized schedules based on a user-defined set of KPIs. In contrast to classical optimization techniques, Maestro relies on deep reinforcement learning to efficiently interpret and scale to the complex dynamics in the fab in order to arrive at highly optimized schedules. The solution produces near-real-time scheduling suggestions to support the operators in their decision-making process and quickly adapt to changing demands and unexpected events.


Major Benefits Maestro currently improves our customer’s fab operations in the following ways:

  • Optimized: Higher throughput, on-time delivery, and smaller cycle times.

  • Accurate: Better correspondence between schedule and reality.

  • Adaptive: Easier and faster scheduling for new high-level objectives.

  • Agile: Less time needed to recover from failure (reschedule).

  • Controlled: More fine-grained multi-objective control over the outcomes.

  • Efficient: Less time and people are involved in the scheduling effort.

  • Explanatory: Better analysis/visualization tools and indicators for decision making.

  • Exploratory: Allows for more informed decision making using extensive what-if analyses.

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