How do you develop and deploy a neural network into your production environment?

Getting started and getting efficient

Developing AI for your business can require enormous compute resources and capital investment.

Should you build your own infrastructure? Should you rent time in the cloud? Which cloud? Is there an advantage to using one framework vs another? 

There are a seemingly endless number of questions which we have already investigated and answered. Our customers benefit from this knowledge and the relationships we have already developed with vendors.

Cloud vs. on-premises

Many of our customers have strict data security policies and require on-premises compute solutions. We can work with you to design a system which makes sense for your needs.


We keep up with the latest hardware developments in the field and are always looking for ways to stretch budgets to meet the compute demand.

Whether you need a single server or thousands of nodes, we will design a scalable system which makes sense for your program and will grow with your needs.

Our infrastructure design in the field

Refining AI product strategy for a large enterprise

We advised a large enterprise on their AI product strategy. We specified what our dream product would do and later analyzed their prototypes to determine if they met our specifications. The vertical expertise in hardware and software for AI was crucial in quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their product.

Compute infrastructure design for a startup’s big dataset

A startup had enormous amounts of data but didn’t have the infrastructure to use it for neural network training. We partnered with a vendor to design a scalable cloud computing solution with features from our custom tools to make data management and NN maintenance easier.