minds.ai Flow™

minds.ai Flow is a state-of-the-art solution for the optimization of wind farm efficiency and performance. It leverages vast amounts historical data, any simulator preferred by the customer, and artificial intelligence to increase the energy production and power density while simultaneously reducing operation and maintenance (O&M) costs of wind farms using the following techniques


Techniques used

  • Active plant-level control: Increased energy production using wake steering.

  • Load minimization: Decreased O&M costs using active control.

  • Forecasting: Improved wind, load, and production forecasting for operational and revenue gain.

  • Site planning: Increased power density and annual energy production.


Wake Steering

Active plant-level control orchestrates all of the turbines in a wind farm to avoid preventable losses due to the wakes of nearby turbines and minimize excessive loads on the turbine. Typically, active control and load mitigation each increase annual energy production by multiple percentage points, resulting in revenue increases of potentially millions of dollars per year.


Optimized Site Planning

Optimized site planning combined with active control can increase the power density, often on the order of tens of percentage points, while respecting imposed plant design constraints.


Contact us for a demonstration of minds.ai Flow and to obtain an estimate of the potential revenue increases for your existing or future wind farms.