minds.ai is an artificial intelligence product and consultancy company with world class expertise in deep learning

Over the past 10 years, we've helped define and shape the deep learning technology that is powering the modern AI boom.


Our global engineering team now offers its expertise to your organization with custom neural network design and engineering services.

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The DeepSim Reinforcement Learning Platform helps a wide range of industries with the development of the next generation of controllers that can be deployed on embedded platforms or connected to the cloud. Combined with the platforms capabilities to automate and optimize the design of assembly lines makes the DeepSim platform unique in its capabilities to support and strengthen your existing engineering force by offering them the AI tools of the future. 

Neural Network Design

The power of a neural network can be strategically applied to businesses, but the lack of expertise available to industry makes it hard to know the best approach. Our expertise makes that discovery process efficient and relevant to your business needs.

Infrastructure Design

To be truly effective in a production environment, neural networks require a foundation of efficient software and a solid hardware scaling plan. The cloud is not necessarily the best answer for your neural network.  Our supercomputing engineers can help you design the right solution.

Dataset Development

Training a neural network can be a logistical headache of testing, version control, and data wrangling. Our team manages outsourced data annotation in a secure and scalable workflow, ensuring a quality controlled dataset.